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NPR STORY: Want To Read Others' Thoughts? Try Reading Literary Fiction

posted Oct 23, 2013, 6:53 AM by Unknown user
This is a really interesting article on some research that showed that people who read literature are better able to interpret non-verbal cues that help them understand what people are thinking/feeling. 

Snippet from the article: (read the whole article here)
"Your ability to "read" the thoughts and feelings of others could be affected by the kind of fiction you read.

That's the conclusion of a study in the journal Science that gave tests of social perception to people who were randomly assigned to read excerpts from literary fiction, popular fiction or nonfiction.

On average, people who read parts of more literary books like The Round House by Louise Erdrich did better on those tests than people who read either nothing, read nonfiction or read best-selling popular thrillers like The Sins of the Mother by Danielle Steel.

For example, folks who were assigned to read highbrow literary works did better on a test called "Reading the Mind in the Eyes," which required them to look at black-and-white photographs of actors' eyes and decide what emotion the actors were expressing."