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Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson

    This novel takes place during the American Revolution             from Monday, May 27th, 1776 to Sunday, Jan 19th,                    1777. The narrator, Isabel, is a 13 year old slave girl caught      in the middle of this historical conflict. 


Each reading assignment has a writing assignment due with it (download @ the bottom of the page).

Ch 1-7 (pages 3-47) 
DUE: 11/18/13

Ch 8-15 (pages 48-96 ) 
DUE: 11/22/13

Ch 16-24 (pages 97-153 )
DUE: 12/2/13

Ch 25-32 (pages 157-199)  ¶about theme w/cited quote+¶on why a part II of the book w/cited quote.
DUE: 12/6/13

Ch 33-38 (pages 200-249)
DUE: 12/11/13

Ch 39-45 (pages 250-300) + 2 THEMES you might want to write about.
DUE: 12/16/13

  • The Lexile score for this book is 780, this is below grade level. This is because the work we do with the text is higher level thinking, so using a text that is easier to understand when introducing new thinking concepts makes sense. 
  • For all the reading we do the focus is on close reading - paying attention to the details that craft the narrative and lead the reader to a deeper understanding of the themes.  
  • The final product upon completion of the novel will be an essay in which students explore the message the novel conveys on a specific theme. 
  • Students will be writing for each section of assigned writing (that assignment can be downloaded at the bottom of the page).
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