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Chains Character List

As we read we'll add information to this page about characters.

 Isabel Narrator; slave; promised freedom by last master but sold when that master dies.
 Ruth Isabel's sister; has 'fits'; slave
 Curzon  Isabel's 'friend'; slave
 Becky Berry Cook for Locktons; is good to Isabel
 Grandfather Old Slave man who runs the water pump at the well

 Master Elihu Lockton Owns Isabel and Ruth, pretending to be Patriot.
 Madam Anne Lockton  Owns Isabel and Ruth, pretending to be Patriot; treats Isabel awfully.
 Lady Clarissa Seymour Lockton's Aunt, from whom he hopes to inherit her $; treats Isabel well
 Bellingham Owns Curzon
 The Mayor 
 Colonel Regan