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LOTF Audio

Below are links to the six discs that make up the audio of Lord of the Flies. YOU HAVE TO READ ALONG AS YOU LISTEN, listening while you read along will help you become a better reader and will increase your comprehension of the book. You will also need to refer to the book and page numbers and take notes so just listening will not be enough. 

  • When you click the link it will open up a window that lists all the tracks. 
  • At the top you will see the "Download button" click that
  • Choose "Download as .zip" (See the screenshot below)Inline image 1
  • Choose save file
  • Each disc will take a few minutes to download, so do one at a time. 
  • Then you will have to open that 'zip' file (just double click on it. 
  • Open iTunes and import the files - rename the folder with the name of the disc (e.g. LOTF Disc 1) so you can keep track of them. 
  • Let me know if you have questions.