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Here is the slideshow from class
1Bandwagon"Everyone is doing it" "Join now so that you don't miss out"
“You must try Best Cola, your favorite football star tried it, and now his whole team has switched. Even my grandma drinks Best Cola now.”
2. Peer Pressurephrases or words used by one’s peers to persuade, or making negative statements about those who don’t agree or join in with you“You have to come to the carnival; it’s the best carnival yet, there are more rides than last year, and it won’t be any fun without you.”
3. TestimonialFamous person endorsementMichael Jordan wears Nike
4. Card Stacking / Amplification
Purposefully biasing an argument. (Leaving information out / distorting facts)
Selective amplification occurs when someone chooses to emphasize some points of their argument while downplaying others.

5. Transfer

Linking a person/idea with a positive symbol.Example
6. Name Calling

Linking a person/idea with a negative symbol. This is pretty much the opposite of Transfer.
7. Hyperbole
8. Repetitionrepeating a word/phrase/image
9. Loaded WordsWords that are slanted for or against a subject. 
Certain words -- like peace, patriotism, moral -- arouse such strong emotional responses that they are called loaded words (they are loaded with feelings).
“Those jocks won’t be able to pass this test.”
10. Extended MetaphorA comparison that is used throughout the text (poem, speech, commercial, etc)The author of Fight Club posted this on Twitter: "Drag it Out: How to use extended metaphors for maximum effect - http://t.co/tsl8Qjo7"-- Chuck Palahniuk (@chuckpalahniuk)
11. Plain Folks

The speaker sets themselves up to be just like the audience.Example
12. Glittering Generalities

A word or phrase that is not definite enough to have much meaning or value. The word or phrase sounds great, but its meaning is empty. (Coke is It! What's "it"? Superman fights for truth, justice and the American Way!)Example

Can you identify the propaganda techniques 

used in the following advertisements?