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Truth Or Consequence

Propaganda page                                                                        8th grade expedition page
  • When using google you must search for images that have been labeled as 

  • www.Creativecommons.org
  • http://pixabay.com/ - Find and share stunning public domain images
  • This week Google announced that the stock image gallery now has more than 5,000 images that are labeled for re-use. To access these images select "image" from the "insert" menu when you're working on a document or presentation. Then select the "search" option and finally select "stock images" to search for a stock image to use in your document or presentation.

The rubric for the script can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

The script should have:
  • FIRST: A hook (a startling fact about the topic or a story about a person affected by the topic), something to get their attention.
  • Information about the topic - specifically your side of the topic, and why the audience should care about it.
  • What can someone do about it (and why they should).
  • In there should also be: What are the opposing arguments? How can you address them? (Pick arguments that show that you are taking the other perspective seriously, but  that you can still deal with effectively)
  • Some persuasive techniques that might be used in your speech are:
    • Repetition
    • Cardstacking
    • Hyperbole
    • Fear
    • Guilt
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