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Students will be guided through the process of joining This is a site that focuses on sharing reading experiences. Students will join a closed group I created for the class where we will have discussions about whole class novels and other reading related topics. Close attention will be paid to the privacy settings as we sign up. Students will be told (not asked) to make all of their information viewable to either no one, or just people they have friended. For example, they will leave fields such as zip-codes and birthdays blank.

This is a great opportunity to teach kids how to be safe online. I highly recommend that you join Goodreads too and friend your student, this will allow you to see what they’re reading, comments they make, comments others make to them, and let you have the opportunity to interact together in a way you may not have before. 

If you do decide not to allow your student to join the site it will limit some of the class activities (commenting on the review of a classmate, recommending books to friends, organizing books by genre to get an idea of their reading diet and how they can expand it), but it will NOT impact their grade.


The benefits of Goodreads are numerous.

  • Keeping track of books you’ve read and rating them allows you to get recommendations from Goodreads, set goals, and track progress both by number of books and/or number of pages. 
  • Being a social site kids are excited to use it; being a site about reading focuses that socialization on books (Yay!).
  • Accountability will be easier to manage. It will be very clear if a student is ‘fake reading’. We will be updating our reading statuses on a regular basis and progress is expected. Brief reviews when a book is finished will also be required (a certain number per trimester).
  • The high school has also started using this site. This year’s eighth graders will have a leg up because they will be familiar with the use of the site.

There are things to be aware of.

  • This is a public site. This is why I have students really lock down their profile and limit what information they put on the site to the bare minimum. People they’ve not friended will see only their first name and will be able to friend request them. They will not see any other information or be able to message them. 
  • Students have their own login and passwords. As with any site students join, I encourage parents to join and friend their child in order to see what is going on (you might even enjoy it!). If you want to join and have questions about how to do so, please contact me.
  • The ability to direct message people is not monitored. Though only people they’ve friended will be able to send them messages.
  • This site isn’t specifically for students - there are all kinds of books listed on this site. This isn’t a site where they can read books, but a summary and the cover art is included.
For more information about Goodreads you may contact me and/or check out the resources below.
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