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Resource Overload (but I like it)

posted Nov 6, 2011, 3:59 PM by Unknown user
I just came across this site in my Twitter feed: Educational Resources from ICT It is bursting with resources for any curriculum, leave a trail of breadcrumbs so you can find your way back out because you may be there for awhile!

What brought me to the site was something called MonkeyJam, (the link above has a pop up over the site that shows you MonkeyJam) here is the description from the site:

    "This video animation editor helps you to record your own animation movie following the stop motion technique. Use your digital video camera or your webcam and record as many frames as you need to create your movie.
    MonkeyJam will organize them in layers, thus creating a very well categorized draft of your movie. Besides, you can preview the result at any moment and check if everything's going all right.
    Working with MonkeyJam is a lot of fun. It's very easy to start recording your own movie and obtain nice results even without any training."
Have fun!