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Top Eleven Things All Teachers Must Know About Technology

posted Nov 17, 2011, 11:23 AM by Unknown user
This is from one of my favorite blogs, TeachPaperless
They are:
1. Technology is not a monolith.
2. Technology is not a monolith, but many technology providers are monolithic.
3. The Digital Age is not going away.
4. Meeting strangers is a good thing.
5. This ain’t your pappy’s technology.
6. The Digital Divide is not the result of technology being expensive.
7. The most important thing we can do right now as teachers is to be campaigners and advocates and organizers for free universal Wi-Fi Internet access.
8. When it comes to authentic tech integration, parents are the best friends a teacher can have.
9. Kids need to be taught digital citizenship.
10. Specific devices and tech apps become obsolete.
11. You must be fearless.

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